What if you could add a business number to your employee's personal phone?

Your employees would carry just one phone for business and personal use. And you could save the cost of buying phones just for business use. It's a win-win.

And as people move, simply reassign the business phone number and keep your company's relation-ship with your customers.

Orbic Multiline puts a fully-featured work phone on your employee's personal phone, regardless of what wireless service provider they use. And your employees will get complete separation and privacy of the two numbers, without the need for an additional SIM or change to their personal phone. Orbic Multiline is FCC AND E911 compliant.

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Key Features

Business Number - Adds a company-owned number to the employee's smartphone via a simple app so the number stays with the company, even if the employee doesn't

Fully-Featured Work Phone - Provides a mobile app for business calls and texts with separate voicemail, contacts, "do not disturb", call transfer and more

Mobile Recording - Enables call recording and text logging to comply with industry regulations or company Policies

Carrier Agnostic - Works on any iOS or Android smartphone regardless of your employees' wireless provider

Admin Portal - Includes an intuitive portal to easily manage all company phone numbers and gain real-time usage visibility and analytics

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